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January 30, 2018
The Public Relations Process
February 26, 2018

What is a Communication Strategy? This is a communication plan designed to achieve a long term or an overall goal. Strategic Communication is essential for every business, it is what determines how far the business can grow. Communication is the centre of everything, it is as important to your business as it is important to your personal relationship. It is the flow of information inside and outside the company. However Strategic Communication contributes a lot to your company’s public image. In business image is everything.
Strategic Communication involves developing a message that communicates your value and purpose at the same time achieving the desired outcome. The company needs to set a goal, then develop a message that is consistent, identify a target audience and disperse the message through the right communication channel. Consistence is key, it’s easy to disperse conflicting messages if there is no coordination within the company, that is why it is always important to have a Company spokesperson or a PR company that is responsible for handling all your communications. The message needs to be repeated as many times as possible to achieve a desired effect on the target audience.
The desired outcome of strategic communications is achieving your goals. Your goal could be to increase sales, forging connections or relationships, maintaining relationships, becoming an industry leader, driving customer engagement, building trust or boosting customer\investor confidence. All these goals are set, metrics are determined, target audience identified, a consistent message is conveyed. Strategic Communication has proved to be effective. It is a success plan.


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