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January 15, 2018
Strategic Communications: How does it help your business?
February 16, 2018

Over a decade ago businesses used traditional media to communicate and market their products and services. Almost everyone relied on the newspaper, radio, magazine and television for both news and advertisements. Those were the basic sources of information. For small businesses it was difficult to break into the market due to a lot of competition. Advertising space was expensive, there were too many articles and not enough space. It would take months or weeks before your business managed to get a slot that is if the business could afford it. Most small businesses never made it in the main stream media not because their business was irrelevant but because it was survival of the fittest. Whilst traditional media is still operating exceptionally well today, the introduction of social media into this digital world has changed the face of marketing, advertising and PR.
Millions of people have become more and more addicted to their smartphones. Most people do everything on their phones, from reading or watching the news, catching up with friends and family, planning their day, reading their emails and so on. This change from solely relying on the traditional sources of information to social media has changed all business strategies too. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has something to say about your business on their Facebook or twitter, one post spreads like wild fire. Businesses can no longer contain what is said about them, the only way to control it, is to be on top of it. If your business does not have a social media account, it is time to open one now. It’s important to interact with all your stakeholders, not only will you build and develop your brand but by being closer to your clients you get to hear their queries, complaints and suggestions then deal with them diligently thus becoming a trustworthy brand and instilling brand loyalty.
Unlike traditional media, social media is very flexible, and you work according to your budget when promoting your business. You post whenever you like, you engage with your clients whenever, wherever. Post statements and run competitions and so on. It has become the biggest platform in the world where people socialise and engage with each other. Both big and small businesses are taking advantage of social media and utilising it to gain more customers. Not only does Social Media improve your SEO ranking, it also helps you get some leads and convert them into sales.

Minnie-lee Tagwirei

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