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Public Relations


We represent companies , co-operations, individuals in managing their communications. We manage, boost and rebrand your image. Our Public Relations services range from:

PR Crisis Management; this is when the company’s image has been dragged to the mud, our job is manage the crisis and make sure that we restore the company’s image and protect its brand.

PR Communications; we do press releases, events, arrange press conferences, manage communications between the public and the company.

Image Consulting ; we provide this service to individuals and companies that want to improve the image of their staff. We do training on how to boost your confidence , how to prepare you for a meeting , sitting , talking , walking etiquette. We help with wardrobe, hair and advise ladies on the right make up for the right event.

Social Media Management; most companies have Facebook , Instagram and twitter but cannot maximize these apps to their company’s full potential. Social Media has evolved from being looked at  as only social platform to being a business platform too. Not only do we advise on how to use social media for your business but we also manage it for you on your behalf.